…to a climber and skiers paradise.

We have been running courses and guided tours on the Islands since 1973!

Below you’ll find a selection of tours and courses we offer.

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Climbing in Summer

During the summer month we offer climbing courses and guided climbs.

Guided climbs can be done at any time throughout summer, but english spoken climbing courses are limited to a few specific week. Unless you are a group and therefor will take part of a private session.

Please get in touch for your booking.

Ski guiding

Lofoten is a ‘must visit’ for any ‘true’ ski tourer. We can help you maximise your time here and guide you on some truly unforgettable tours.

So, bring your mates and let’s go skiing!

Please get in touch for your booking.

The climber´s café

At the Climbers Café you will everything from climbers, skiers, caravan camper, ladies in high heeled shoes to fishermen and workers.

To quote a famed Norwegian traveller “… a strange hybrid between a French restaurant in Nice,  Everest base camp and a Nepali tea house.”

In other word, a cosy place where you will feel right at home!

The Café a varied menu, with localised food, cold beers and warm drinks

Next to the Café our famed climbing shop is ready to provide you with thing you need or have forgotten at home.


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